Kylesa, Sonisphere UK Bohemia Stage, July 10 2011

Consider Kylesa our true gem of Sonisphere 2011.  The US band had just half-an-hour to convince many unaccustomed to their experimental sound in a 1.20PM slot but had no trouble in doing so.

A band of few words, each track folded beautifully into one another, entrancing those within the radius of their hypnotic psychedelia. 

With two-drummers in their unconventional five-piece set-up, Kylesa are brimming with ideas and allowing them to blossom on the live stage is natural to them.  If you’re still unsure think Melvins on acid giving Neurosis a psychedelic lobotomy.

For an act with so much variety, Kylesa are unbelievably smooth in transition – they’re a single entity that demand not only your undivided attention, but your full immersion.  There’s massive mesmerising stoner riffs accompanied by an ambient usage of theremin – proving their differing extremities.  Having two vocalists and two drummers also works in their favour.

The vocal duo alternate brilliantly, with Laura Pleasants’ lulling melodic vocals with the potential to transform into passionate neurotic wailing and Phillip Cope with an intense yelp that still remains rooted in melody to his musical surroundings.  Double drummers equalled double fun too, with their intricate intertwined work only increasing the inescapable narcotic trance.

The repeated chorus of Don’t Look Back gave the set a significant mid-way boost in its uplifting anthemic proportion.  By the end of this captivating performance we’d ventured briefly into a dark adventure – into the hazy veins of Kylesa – flowing with most rich colourful blood.

Calum Robson