Cavalera Conspiracy, Sonisphere UK Main Stage, July 9 2011

Max Cavalera’s departure from Sepultura in 1996 and resulting brotherly feud with Igor was one of the biggest talking points in metal music for some time.

Leaving the band after a dispute regarding manager and wife Gloria, the Brazillian went on to form Soulfly but it wasn’t till 2007 that he would put any bad blood with his brother behind him when they joined forces.

Thus Cavalera Conspiracy was born. 

Thirty-five minutes might not seem enough to truly get an atmosphere for a band, but when you have a line-up steeped in rich metal history, you pretty much get adjusted to the situation.  And it’s fair to say the Cavalera brothers were wasting no time either.

A choice to first vent the crushing grooves of Warlord was more than just a good one – it was a great one.  The four-piece set such a high standard and stuck like glue to it throughout the brutal set.  If leaving Sepultura was one of the hardest decisions that Max Cavalera ever had to make, then at least he can look back in affirmed pride of his work post-Seps with his brother.

Inflikted furthered this sentiment and reassured that as far as reunions go, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Marc Rizzo’s work on guitar is a huge bonus too, and when you place his expertise next to Igor’s rugged percussion and Max’s raw vocals you create a deliciously ogrous, gruff sound.

Among guests on stage were Max’s son Ritchie Cavalera who joined the band on Black Ark before Igor Jnr and Zyon Cavalera (from Mold Breaker) came onstage for a Nailbomb cover – Cockroaches.  If their performance was anything to go by, then we surely have something to look out for in future.

It was one of Cavalera’s Sepultura songs that wrapped up in soaring, barbarous fashion – Roots Bloody Roots.  The Cavaleras have a thrashing entity and provide a strong alternative for any fans who think Seps haven’t done anything good enough since Roots.

Calum Robson