Download-bound revitalised Brit rockers Funeral For A Friend will release new single Broken Foundation the day after the curtain comes down on this summer’s Donington shindig.

And the Pepsi Max Stage headliners have never sounded better on the back of phenomenal return to form Welcome Home Armageddon – the critically acclaimed long player which has spawned the band’s latest hit-in-waiting. 

Drummer/vocalist Ryan Richards said: “It’s probably the heaviest track we’ve ever written and, again, a lot of fun to play. This is probably the one I’m most looking forward to playing live.

“There’s a first on there with Kris doing his first recorded guitar solo! He’s been waiting almost 10 years to unleash the beast and now it’s out for all to feast over!”


Sat 28th May      Focus Wales, Llangollen Pavilion

Sun 29th May    Volume Festival, Crewe

Sat 11th June     Download Festival – headlining Pepsi Max Stage

Sun 3rd July        The Rumble Down South, Amersham

Sat 6th Aug         Devon Rox, Powerdam Castle

Sun 7th Aug        Hevy Music Festival, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Check out the video for Broken Foundation here: