Hot on the heels of their rushonrock rated 9/10 Burning Fortune record, trad metal heroes Cauldron have checked in with our resident headbanger Calum Robson.

Check out this cracking exclusive interview now and look out for the boys on the road and at a festival near you this summer! 

rushonrock: Firstly, why the name Cauldron?

Ian Chains: One word, simple, easy to remember.

Jason Decay: I came up with it in the stock room at work.

rushonrock: Rising from the ashes of Goat Horn, have Cauldron made the kind of stir you intended?

IC: I don’t think we ever intended for anything to happen. We always just play music we like and see where it takes us. Nice play on words, by the way.

JD: We didn’t expect anything. Let’s get a ham going.

rushonrock: How have things changed since Goat Horn?

IC: We’re older, but you don’t have to be old to be wise.

JD:I think we can lay better now. It took us a few years, but I think we’ve finally surpassed what Goat Horn had accomplished.

rushonrock: What do you feel is different about Cauldron in comparison to traditional heavy metal acts of the 80s?

IC: We have some perspective which bands of the 80s didn’t really have.

JD: Its not the 80s anymore, we now have two more decades worth of musical bullshit.

rushonrock: How is the music scene in Ontario?

IC: I don’t know about the scene as a whole but the metal scene is alright, although we always seem to end up playing with the same three bands.

JD: Compared to what? It could be shit or good but we don’t know any better. Overall it’s pretty good for us but not much better or worse than anywhere else.

rushonrock: What do you feel about modern heavy metal music?

IC: I don’t listen to it. I just know I hate chest beating wiggerslam shit. And bands that sing about “RESPECT”.

JD: There’s only one heavy metal and we love it.

rushonrock: Making unique twists on traditional heavy metal is exciting, but do you feel there are too many impersonators still around?

IC: I don’t know, they’re pretty easy to spot though. Just watch out for any groovy breakdowns and you’ll be fine.

JD: Still? There’s more than ever I guess. Why is there more bands all of a sudden? There must be a reason for that. We’ll just have to wait and see who’s still doing it five years from now – the impersonators are sure to be gone by then.

rushonrock: Everyone has their influences from far and wide, but who has had a profound impact on your lives musically?

IC: Well it’s different for every band member. I would say Thin Lizzy and Lords of the Crimson Alliance.

JD: Metallica, AC/DC and Rush got me into music as a kid, that’s since developed into Megadeth, Lee Aaron and Triumph.

rushonrock: What does the new album name Burning Fortune refer to?  And what relevance does it have in your lives?

IC: It’s a reference to us wasting our lives away playing dead end music just because we love it. It’s about us wondering what we’d be left with if it wasn’t for the band.

JD: We’re sort of gambeling with our futures by putting all our eggs in one basket here, and it’s not really a safe move. We could quite likely be left with nothing when we’re in our 40s in 10 years, or possibly dead.

rushonrock: What motivates you?

IC: Alcohol and cool bands.

JD: Old wrestling, when it was real.

rushonrock: Sometimes it’s not the best of ideas to look too far ahead, and it is still early days, but where would you like to see Cauldron in a few years?

IC: Being able to tour full time and not have to work anymore. That would be great. I don’t care how shitty the touring circumstances are, anything’s better than getting up in the morning and going to work.

JD: Ya, not having to get up and go to Sears everyday to pay my bills would be nice, but at no musical compromise will that happen.

rushonrock: We’ve seen Canadian dates but is there any chance you’ll be gracing UK shores again this year?

IC: We fucking better.

JD: hopefully, probably in August or at some point this year. Stay wicked.