He’s best known as the driving force behind cult rock n rollers Jason & The Scorchers but there’s much, much more to Warner E Hodges than meets the eye.

With his trusty Fender Telecaster thrown across his shoulder the German-born Nashville native is Dan Baird’s right hand man in the sensational Homemade Sin.

And you’ll probably find him popping up all over the place on a list of other projects as long as your arm – if you look hard enough. For now read on to find out about the man behind the myth!

On your iPod: I’m listening to Buffalo Nickel by Dan Baird, Ballbreaker by AC/DC and stuff by the Jim Jones Revue.

Small Screen Pleasure: I’m a news junkie. I have the news on 24/7 when I’m at home.

Making A Meal Of It: I’ll eat anything. I don’t drink anymore so it’s all about the food! I really am up for anything. I just love food.

Drivetime: I drive a Cadillac Sedan De Ville. But I also have a pick-up.

Ace Place: I love France. I had four glorious days in a little villa there with my wife.

Dream Destination: I want to see the pyramids and the sphinx.

Nickname Shame: I’ve got millions of them but no-one tells them to my face! My niece called me Mini Mouse – she didn’t want to call me Warner so I said she could call me anything she liked. So she did. And it’s kinda stuck.