They’re the world’s number one chick metal tribute band – well, we think so – and hopefully it won’t be too long before the brilliant Misstallica return to these shores.

In the meantime we grabbed some time with bass thumper Teddi Tarnoff to find out what makes her tick behind the music.

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On your iPod: My iPod is broken 🙁 But when it’s fixed I listen to a lot of soul these days. Al Green is a favourite.

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t watch too much TV but I do like a show on the Comedy Channel called Metalocalypse. It’s about this fictional metal band and it’s hilarious.

Making A Meal Of It: We’re all avid meat eaters but I love fish and chips.

Drivetime: I drive a Hyundai Sante Fe.

Ace Place: Venice.

Dream Destination: I’m looking to book a trip to go on safari in South Africa and Kenya.

Nickname Shame: I didn’t really have one at school. Now it’s just ‘Bitch’!