We’re up and running at Download 2010 and with just hours to go before Bullet For My Valentine‘s RJD Stage headline show it’s time to take a closer look at the saviours of British heavy metal.

With new album Fever slaying the opposition, this lot are bound to be one of the biggest draws on day one at Castle Donington – it’s just a shame they clash with the best of the day’s main stage action.

Wales is one shit-hotbed of rock talent right now and the brilliant BFMV are leading the charge five years after debut The Poison announced the Bridgend crew as a band to be reckoned with.

Matt Tuck is a magnificent frontman and some of the riffs you’ll hear later today will lay down the gauntlet to the likes of Saxon and Megadeth as the festival moves on. Read on for your brief guide to BFMV.

Name: Bullet For My Valentine

Home country: UK

Download 2010: 18.55-20.05, Ronnie James Dio Stage, Friday June 11

Classic Album: Fever

Classic Track: Tears Don’t Fall

Don’t Mention: Suicides – BFMV’s home town of Bridgend has become synonymous with an upsurge in youngsters taking their own lives

Do Mention: Album sales – BFMV are one of the biggest selling new British rock bands with more than two million albums shifted worldwide

Look Out For: Power chords and soaring solos

Avoid: Mixing them up with Bring Me The Horizon

Did you know: in 2002 the band signed a five-album deal with major label Sony