He hails from County Durham but Stephen Kilkenny is making a name for himself in the USA with Milwaukee-based rockers Major Tom.

With new album A Night On The Lash available now on iTunes and talk of a slew of UK dates to come you could well be hearing more from this Bowie/ACDC/Poison(quite a mix!)-influenced band very soon.

Look out for a full interview and album review on rushonrock very soon but for now we go behind the scenes with the kid they called Killer…

On your iPod: I’m a huge fan of Andy Taylor’s work so there’s a good amount of Thunder on there and of course there’s AC/DC. There’s some Enuff Znuff and the boys from Steel Panther.

Small Screen Pleasure: I’m addicted to The Pacific. I loved Band Of Brothers and while it’s not as good as that it’s still great. I like The Tudors and True Blood and I love a bit of Sons Of Anarchy with the Geordie actor Charlie Hunnam. When I’m back in the North East of England I love watching Pip do the Tyne Tees weather – who doesn’t?

Making A Meal Of It: I love my mam’s Sunday dinners and Curry Pot Noodles – they don’t do them in Milwaukee so I always bring a few back when I’ve been home.

Drivetime: I’ve got a big Ford for all the band stuff.

Ace Place: We tracked a few of the songs for the album in the Latin quarter of Paris – in St Germain. It’s an incredible place and I love it there.

Dream Destination: I think it would have to be Sydney.

Nickname Shame: Killer. When I started senior school some lad heard it was my nickname and I got trouble from day one.