If you can imagine Slade, T-Rex and Queen mixed with the most theatrical aspects of an Alice Copper show then it’s high time you check out the latest video clip from retro style kings Bigelf.

Superstar is released this week and features one of the sleaziest, 70s-soaked riffs you’ll hear all year, set against a backdrop of fire eaters, go-go girls and a goggled midget (!).

Frontman Damon Fox looks and sounds simply magnificent as his brilliant band roars through one of the finer tracks from their latest album.

Bigelf should be one of the highlights of the brand new High Voltage festival in London’s Victoria Park this summer – featuring rushonrock faves The Answer, the Quireboys and more.

We’ll be featuring the band again here very soon when we take a special look at classic rock label Powerage – home to some of the finest new bands on the planet.

For now feast your eyes on Bigelf’s Superstar: