It’s election night here in the UK and so it’s high time we added a rock and metal flavour to what should be the most exciting race to 10 Downing Street for some time.

And what better way to get in the mood than looking at the bands which best reflect Britain’s political parties?

Now we’re not saying any of the artists listed below lean towards one party or another but it would be reassuringly ironic if they did.

For Gordon Brown’s Labour read Status Quo – they’ve been going for years, they’re nothing special and they know their limitations.

Perfect soundtrack: Whatever You Want, Don’t Stop, The Party Ain’t Over Yet.

Avoid: Blue For You

For David Cameron’s Conservatives read Steel Panther – a new take on the old school, a mandate for change and far prettier than the opposition. D Cameron also boasts a co-writing credit on Girl From Oklahoma.

Perfect soundtrack: Community Property, Party All Day, Turn Out The Lights

Avoid: The Shocker

For Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats try Rage Against The Machine for size – capable of shaking things up, in touch with the public and very, very cool after years in the shade. Know their politics.

Perfect soundtrack: Take The Power Back, Know Your Enemy, Settle For Nothing

Avoid: Roll Right

For the Green Party it has to be Green Day – the name alone says it all but there’s only three of them which is about as many MPs as this lot can ever hope for. Then again the pop punk trio prove you can go from a cult following to gaining the populist vote.

Perfect soundtrack: Nimrod, Warning, Longview

Avoid: Last Night On Earth

For UKIP we’re going for Saxon – undeniably British, set in their ways and in no mood to surrender. Would rather rule from Barnsley than Brussels and that’s no bad thing.

Perfect soundtrack: Never Surrender, Destiny, Forever Free

Avoid: Out Of Control

For the SNP we like the sound of Fish – fiercely patriotic, a little crazy, occasionally muddled but surprisingly successful.

Perfect soundtrack: Happy Ending

Avoid: Internal Exile, Clutching At Straws