In just three weeks Kiss bring their Sonic Boom tour to the UK and we caught up with The Demon – aka Gene Simmons – prior to the band’s arena trek.

Every day this week we’ll post some exclusive words of wisdom from one of the wackiest men in rock.

Here’s Gene on life: “I love every day. I get to be Gene Simmons which is so much f**king fun. I wouldn’t mind being Thom Yorke but I’d be miserable and I couldn’t be convincing.

“If you’re rich it’s tough to write a song about being miserable. I’m a happy son of a bitch all the time. If you know that feeling then hold onto it because there but for the grace of God we’d all be asking the next person in line would you like fish and chips with that or we’d all be digging ditches.

“If you get paid to do something you like and you have fun and you get to do it every day for as long as you want – come on. Even the Pope doesn’t have that much fun!”