David Roads is the rhythm king behind Aussie rock and roll machine Airbourne and we caught up with the axe hero as the band lays waste to the UK on the back of new album No Guts, No Glory.

Renowned for their high energy live shows and occasional likeness to fellow countrymen AC/DC it’s little wonder the quartet are one of the most talked about bands in the world.

And a high profile slot at Download this summer should cement Airbourne’s reputation as true rock and roll warriors. Check out what Roadsy has to say right here.

Roadsy airbourne

rushonrock: Did you feel pressure recording the follow-up to Running Wild?

David Roads: Not really. We’d been writing for a while on the road so we had a lot of ideas. We were in the mood for having fun and writing another great rock and roll record. It was pretty demanding again when we were recording it and I suppose there’s always some pressure when you’re making a record. You always try to improve upon what’s gone before but as long as we’re still rocking we won’t change our style. We had plenty of ideas to work on and after touring the world we wanted to bring that to life on No Guts, No Glory.

rushonrock: Are you a band which enjoys being in the studio or is it a bind?

DR: We’re more of a live band. We love going out and doing the live shows and as far as recording goes it’s simple. Once you’ve nailed your sound you just go into the studio and lay down the tracks like you would play them live. We like playing new songs and we have a lot of fun – we go into the studio and try to play as a band rather than everyone laying down their own parts individually. If we can’t play a song live we won’t record it. It’s a case of capturing the magic and energy of Airbourne and as a group we’re pretty tight these days.

rushonrock: Are you enjoying having more material to draw on in your set?

DR: It’s been great playing the UK shows and playing longer sets. We only did about an hour the last time we headlined British venues but we’re playing for a little bit longer this time and playing a few songs from the new record. It’s good to have those songs to pick from and they make the set a lot stronger. It’s a great night for the fans. Some of the new songs will work better in some countries than others so we’ll see what people like in the UK and maybe change the set list as we go along.

rushonrock: Is the Airbourne we hear about through your songs the real Airbourne? Or are you, in reality, shy and retiring types?

DR: A lot of the songs we write when we’re on the road and on the road it’s all about boozing, women, having a good time and chilling. Pretty much what you’re listening to on No Guts, No Glory is what happened on the Running Wild tour. What you hear is what you get with Airbourne. When we’re back in Australia we just hang out with mates and so I suppose it’s more of the same. We like a bit of sport – cricket, Aussie Rules and the like. But mainly we’re interested in beer and women.

rushonrock: How do you rate AC/DC’s latest album?

DR: Black Ice was a cool record. We went to see their show and they still rock out for guys of their age. They’re an Aussie institution and I know we get compared to them all the time but that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. It’s not a problem.

rushonrock: You’ve been confirmed for Download –  how excited are you about playing at the same festival as AC/DC this summer?

DR: We love Download and we know they’re celebrating 30 years at Castle Donington in 2010. It’s going to be great. The summer festival season is right up our street and Download is a killer event.