Slovenians Elvis Jackson are building up a big fanbase across continental Europe and now the boys have set their sights on breaking the UK.

Always keen to give new talent a break we’re delighted to bring the band on board and we’ll be watching their progress with interest.

In the meantime read on to discover what mates axe slinger Berto tick when he’s not belting out EJ classics live. On your iPod: I don’t have an iPod but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to music. I’m checking out Slayer and Megadeth CDs right now.

Small Screen Pleasure: Right now I’m just staring at my TV set. I just bought it.

Making a meal of it: The great Bosnian SARMA is my favourite food.

Drivetime: It’s a Subaru Legacy 2.0 GL.

Ace Place: Our practice room.

Dream destination: Anywhere on tour with Faith No More.

Nickname shame: It’s the same now as it was then – Berto.