We’re always excited when we hear the words Swedish and melodic rock in the same sentence and teenage sensations Titan look set to become rushonrock faves in 2010.

Boasting an average age of 18 and wearing their 80s hair metal influences on their sleeves, they liken themselves to Toto, Journey and Giant.

But we’re wondering whether mini album Steps might have more than a passing resemblance to the early work of fellow countrymen Europe. Now that would be cool…

Titan are: Gustav Larsson (vocals), Gustav Bergström (bass), Kristian Larsen (guitars), Christofer Björck (keyboards) and Simon Cop (drums).

All the band hail from Helsingborg, Sweden and  were friends from school who shared a passion for music. From the ashes of Striker emerged Titan – a band playing a classy brand of slick melodic rock.

Steps was released late November 2009 in select stores across the world and plans for a full length album are already in motion. Look out for a review here soon.