They’re one of our favourite new bands and they’re keeping trad metal alive – Manchester’s Fury UK are fast becoming the band to watch in 2010!

After wrapping up their latest high profile run of dates, as support to MSG, the band are already confirmed for 2010’s Hammerfest and have grand plans for the next 12 months.

We caught up for a brief chat with frontman Chris Appleton before the boys take a well-earned festive break.

rushonrock: For newcomers to Fury UK try to describe where you’re coming from?

Chris Appleton: Our music is definitely rooted in the NWOBHM and the era just before that. There are a lot of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppeling influences in there but then there’s Motorhead and Rush too. We love good rock and metal – whatever the genre and whatever the era – and we’re trying to create a sound we can be proud of.

rushonrock: So can you be pigeion-holed – even if you want to be?

CA: We sit in that sub genre which isn’t really classic rock and it’s not extreme metal. I suppose there are a number of bands like us out there right now whether you’re talking about Trivium or Bullet For My Valentine. We love classic rock bands but we’re somewhere in between when it comes to our metal sound. We’re metal enough to appeal to a lot of fans but not heavy enough to please everybody!

rushonrock: Is it difficult coming from indie-mad Manchester and playing metal?

CA: Manchester has always had that big ‘indie’ scene with oasis and The Smiths before that. But as far as we’re concerned there’s quite a nice niche market for metal in Manchester right now. There have been one or two tricky moments for us in the past and people haven’t always known where to put us in terms of live shows. But that was quite a long time ago – I think we have a decent reputation which goes before us these days.

rushonrock: How excited were you about the Schenker tour? 

CA: Playing with Michael Schenker has been a dream come true. It was a huge honour to play so many dates with Blayze Bayley earlier this year and we were just blown away to get invited on that tour. To follow that up with a slot opening up for Schenker is incredible and it’s capped off a superb year for Fury UK. From a personal point of view it’s been a pleasure to share the stage with one of my heroes – I’ve seen him play with UFO and have always admired his work. I like everything he’s ever played guitar on whether it’s UFO, Scorpions or MSG.

rushonrock: 2009 has been a massive year for the band but where do you go from here?

CA: The big question ahead of the New Year is how can we top 2009? We’re hoping to get on a couple more tours early on in 2010 after taking January off. We’ve got a list of dates around March time and we’re still working hard on new material which we’d like to get out midway through the year. Apart from that we’re keen to hit the festival trail again and we’re looking at the Bulldog Bash, Bloodstock and, of course, Download.