livingcolourIt’s been on continuous rotation in the rushonrock offices for the past week and we might just have found our 2009 album of the year. It’s funky, it rocks and it’s oozing the kind of social commentary which is only found in certain corners of New York City.

It can only be the new album by the legendary Living Colour and it’s a remarkable return to form from axe hero Vernon Reid and his crew.

Fans of the band’s early music right through to their Cult Of Personality pomp will love everything about 2009’s The Chair In The Doorway with it’s grinding rock and groovy blues. Tracks like DecaDance and the steel blues of Bless Those are pure brilliance and when November 30 comes just make sure you go out and buy this album.

The only pity is that Living Colour are playing a paltry four UK gigs in support of their British release – in Bristol, Cardiff, Wolverhampton and London – but there are high hopes a raft of new shows will be added in the new year. Here’s hoping because Living Colour are back. And they’re back with an almighty bang.

Look out for a full review right here on rushonrock at the back end of November.