duffHe’s just finished jamming with mates Slash and Dave Grohl, he’s about to hook up with Black Stone Cherry and Parlor Mob to tour the UK and he once played in a little rock and roll band called Guns N Roses…

He is none other than Loaded and Velvet Revolver’s Duff McKagan and we’re delighted to welcome back a regular visitor to the rushonrock pages for a brief but entertaining chat. We can’t wait to catch a true rock god in Tyneside next week and if you can catch any of Loaded’s shows then do it! 

rushonrock: You were excited to announce the BSC support slot at Download earlier this year – are you just as excited about going out on the road with the guys now?

Duff McKagan: Too right. I’ve never stopped being excited about music and this is just the latest step on a wonderful journey. The Black Stone Cherry guys are a lot of fun to be around and it’s going to be great. Somewhere along the line, a couple of years ago, I got re-inspired musically and I’m more thankful than ever for what I do as a living. This tour should reflect just how I feel right now.

rushonrock: So how did the BSC hook-up come about?

DM: We toured with them about a year ago in Japan and then of course we were both at Download and a few other festivals in the summer. They were and are just the nicest guys and even called my wife ma’am. They’re real Southern gentlemen and a credit to their families. It’s a really good fit and of course there’s another of my favourite bands been added to the bill since. I’m really excited about The Parlor Mob being added to the bill. They’re wicked!

rushonrock: Do you feel Loaded are still trying to reach out to a whole new audience?

DM: I have no idea. And you know what? I just don’t know about that kinda crap and I don’t care. I don’t know how to break a band and I never have done. We just go out and play and we hope some people will show up. We make webisodes which our fans really seem to like and we get a few new people checking them out from time to time – especially in the UK. The audiences in the UK and Ireland have always understood Loaded and accepted the band for what it is.

rushonrock: Is Loaded your priority these days?

DM: The band’s really tight right now and it’s as good as anything I’ve ever done. I play with some great guys and they’re as good as guys I’ve played with down the years. Guys like Slash and even Steven Adler who was a real killer drummer. I never stop evolving. In Velvet Revolver Scott [Weiland] and I developed in two different directions but that’s evolution and that’s pushing yourselves. The thing with Loaded is that it’s the longest time that I’ve been in a band in my whole career and we’re like a family. We rehearsed for this tour in my cabin and it was just a bunch of guys having fun. I love it.

rushonrock: So you’re not missing Velvet Revolver then?

DM: There is no Velvet Revolver right now. Slash is doing his record and he’s going to go out and tour with it. Matt’s been on the road with Motorhead. I doubt Velvet Revolver is going to regroup until next Fall and there’s no point sitting around until then. The way I look at it there’s plenty of time for everything that I want to do musically and that’s my new work ethic – it’s all good!