firehouseFirehouse – When I Look Into Your Eyes (Snare/Leverty) b/w Life In The Real World (Snare/Leverty) 1992

The lighter waving classic was issued as a rather strangely sculpted seven inch vinyl in the UK and to this day we can’t determine what it’s supposed to represent. But what this single looks like shouldn’t detract from what it sounds like – and it sounds exactly how any hair metal anthem should with layered vocals, a soaring guitar solo and some of the best cheese this side of France.

The slightly nasal tone of lead singer CJ Snare might have annoyed many but with sales of seven million and counting under their belts Firehouse must be doing something right. And they’re still doing it today!In 1992, when this tune hit number eight on the Billboard singles charts, Snare and co-writer Bill Leverty pipped Nirvana and Alice In Chains to clinch the Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band at the American Music Awards. And for a while it seemed nobody could touch Firehouse and the most melodic US export since Bon Jovi.

2003’s Prime Time may be the band’s last studio album but as a gigging group they’re still very much alive and kicking. A massive 2008 world tour took Firehouse across the US, Europe and into Asia – even stopping off at Nottingham’s Rock City for good measure.