europe logo resizeContinuing our celebration of Europe ahead of the release of their new album, Last look At Eden, we list everything you ever needed to know about Joey Tempest and company.

A is for Almost Unplugged, the band’s 2008 CD/DVD showcasing a stunning live concert in their native Sweden.

B is for Boyazont, a little known yet stunning instrumental piece from the band’s self-titled debut.

C is for Carrie, perhaps the best hair metal ballad of all time and Europe’s biggest US hit.

D is for Deep Purple, who invited the revitalised Europe to open up for them in Sweden last summer.

E is for Kevin Elson, the producer who transformed The Final Countdown into one of the biggest selling rock albums of all time.

F is for The Final Countdown. Do we need to say anymore?

G is for Give A Helping Hand, the Tempest-penned charity tune released in 1985 and aimed at raising money for starving children in Ethiopia.

H is for hair metal. Europe joined the likes of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Motley Crue and a whole host of second division US acts in giving rock a new lease of life in the late 80s.

I is for Ian Haugland, drummer extraordinaire, DJ and the subject of the latest exclusive rushonrock interview.

J is for Joey. Joey Tempest. Maturing into one of the great blues rock singers and poster boy for a generation of starstruck Smash Hits readers.

K is for Kee Marcello. They said John Norum was irreplaceable. They were wrong.

L is for John Leven, a musician at one with his trusty bass and one half of Europe’s super slick rhythm section.

M is for the much-missed Marcel Jacob, former member of Europe who tragically took his own life earlier this year, aged just 45.

N is for John Norum, the guitarist who persuaded Joey Tempest to spurn a career in motorsport for a life in rock. Cheers John.

O is for Out Of This World, the other top 20 Billboard album Europe can lay claim to.

P is for Prisoners In Paradise, the lost classic largely ignored due to the onset of grunge.

Q is for Andres ‘Q-Ian’ Wallertz, the lighting designer responsible for making Joey and the boys look so good on the band’s Almost Unplugged DVD.

R is for the Rock-SM talent contest which launhced Europe’s career in their home country of Sweden.

S is for Sweden. The home of Europe and so many more melodic rock greats.

T is for Tony Reno, founder member and drummer before Ian Haugland.

U is for Upplands Vasby, the Swedish home of the original Europe.

V is for Jim Vallance, who co-wrote the first single from Prisoners In ParadiseHalfway To Heaven – with Joey Tempest.

W is for Europe’s second album, the ambitious Wings Of Tomorrow. Featuring the original version of Open Your Heart.

X is for the tenth anniversary of the band’s decision to reform.

Y is for Youtube where The Final Countdown remains one of the most popular clips of all time.

Z is for Zurich, the home of Powerplay Studios, where The Final Countdown was originally recorded.