steadlurDaniel Steadlur is one quarter of US sleaze rock sensations Steadlur and as we celebrate a week dedicated to the dirtiest, most raw form of metal on the planet who better to tap up about drink, drugs and rock chicks? 

With a powerful Download debut under their belts and sales of their new album rising fast, the boys are keen to head back to Britain before Christmas – if only to mop up Steel Panther’s sloppy seconds. Stay posted to rushonrock for all the latest Steadlur news and enjoy one of the top interviews of 2009.

rushonrock: In terms of the music you make and the lifestyle you lead is it fair to say Motley Crue have been the greatest influence on your career?

Daniel Steadlur: I wouldn’t say the biggest influence but I’d say they are definitely a huge part of what we are. You can hear it in the music and see it in our past. Some people would say the Crue are the starting point for Steadlur but we have been influenced by other bands along the way. I’m thinking of Thin Lizzy and Guns N Roses for starters. But we’ve all read the Heroin Diaries and it’s very interesting.

rushonrock: How interesting?

DS: There are things we can relate to. Absolutely. The book showed all the highs and lows which are part and parcel of being in a band and we’ve been through more lows living the lifestyle we did. People see the good things on TV and it looks cool when you’re a kid. But I used to get wasted all the time and as a result I made some bad mistakes. I had a drug habit and I spent 20 hours a day in pain and just four hours high. It doesn’t really make sense and it’s not cool. Really.

rushonrock: Do you miss the days when all you did was party, take drugs and meet girls or is being in a gigging band the real deal?

DS: I don’t miss it but times were definitely simpler back then. It seemed like we were having good times all the time for a while and these days it’s obviously more complex. But it’s more controlled and that’s what we needed. It’s stressful but it’s a good stress. It was time to get more structure in our lives. You have to sleep every day or else you’ll burn out and when we’re not sleeping we’re working pretty hard. We still like a drink, we still like a party but drugs aren’t part of Steadlur anymore.

rushonrock: As self-confessed party animals can you understand why label mates Black Stone Cherry never touch a drop of alcohol on the road?

DS: Absolutely. We toured with those guys for a couple of months in the States and their level of professionalism shone through. That taught us a lesson. We still drink like fish from time to time but not if it will affect our performance on stage. Our partying is pretty controlled these days – if the crowd aren’t enjoying themselves then neither are we. And it’s not like BSC don’t drink on tour full stop – just never before a show.

rushonrock: Do rock chicks in 2009 give the girls from the late 80s a run for their money?

DS: The girls now are so sweet. So I don’t think so! We’ve been lucky enough to find plenty of girls who’d let us stay at their houses and even give us an allowance. They liked us to stick around like we were some kinda pets. The girls in the 80s – from what I’ve read and seen – were a lot more extreme than the girls we’ve dated. Maybe girls today have learned a lesson from back then. They’re not like the rock chicks we used to see on TV as kids.

rushonrock: When can we expect a full headline tour of the UK and when should we lock up our wives/girlfriends/daughters?

DS: Anytime soon wouldn’t be a bad idea! No, I don’t want to say that really. We’re nice guys. It’s just that we like women and they seem to like us. It’s just a cross we have to bear. As far as gigging is concerned we’re trying to get to Japan before we head back to the UK but hopefully we’ll be back in Britain in the fall or winter. We’d have liked to be on the BSC tour – we’re pretty good friends with them now but they’ve gone and landed Duff McKagan as support. How cool is that?