dangerdangerDanger Danger – Comin Home (Ravel/West) b/w Crazy Nites (Ravel/West) 1991

If ever there was a perfect example of how five second division rock dudes could make the most of the hair metal phenomenon then Danger Danger were it. Luckily for the rest of the band, in frontman Ted Poley they boasted an exceptional singer with a unique voice and charisma by the bucketload.

Able to lift his colleagues to a higher plane, the big-lipped crooner was made for lighter-waving ballads in the mould of Comin’ Home. And given a fair amount of make-up and hairspray Danger Danger were even deemed good looking enough to celebrate this single with a giant colour poster. On closer inspection it was best enjoyed folded.

Culled from the big seller Screw It, this made for MTV classic was joined by another uber ballad in the shape of the soaring I Still Think About You. And if Danger Danger never quite challenged the likes of Cinderella or Ratt in the US then songwriters Bruno Ravel and Steve West could sure pen an FM friendly anthem or two.

In fact, by all accounts, they still can. Both musos and Poley have signed to melodic rock specialists Frontiers and a new Danger Danger album is imminent. Impressive live dates have reinforced the band’s reputation but will Comin’ Home or ISTAY ever be repeated? The rock world awaits the answer.