eddieIt’s back – the post which picks on some of the scariest characters on the planet, pulls their reputations apart, pokes fun at their features and then runs off like a giggling girl before the shit hits the fan.

This week we throw the spotlight on a guitarist who makes grown men cry just by looking at them – and makes rock fans weep when he starts solo-ing like the devil’s spawn dressed in heavy leather and rusting metal. Those of a nervous disposition look away now.

zakk-wyldeName: Zakk Wylde

Band: Black Label Society

Weapon Of Choice: Guitar

Hair Factor: 9/10

Facial Hair Factor: 7/10

Fear Factor: 9/10

On Stage Aggression: 8/10

Most Like: A Hell’s Angel on heat

Life After Black Label Society: Security at the Gates Of Hell

Don’t Say: Without Ozzy you’d be nothing

Do Say: Man, you’re Wylde

We Say: The definition of biker cool