rushonrock fave Joe Satriani has sued Grammy nominated Coldplay for allegedly nicking one of his riffs!

Yes, the man who delivered one of the sets of 2008 at Newcastle City Hall earlier this year claims Chris Martin and co. lifted ‘substantial original portions’ of his 2004 instrumental If I Could Fly to supplement Viva La Vida.

Court papers were filed in Los Angeles yesterday and this could well be one of the biggest rock battles in history. Satch is demanding a jury trial and wants ‘any or all profits’ from the supposed plagiarism.

Personally we’d rather see him go head to head in a riff-off with Martin with the loser forced to hand over a amp case full of cash. There’d only be one winner and he isn’t married to one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

There is the chance Satch will be asked to play said riff in court so expect a DVD with some cracking behind-the-scenes extras sometime in 2009…or maybe not. Anyway when was the last time one of rock’s true guitar gods made the mainstream headlines – if nothing else it will get the uninitiated asking ‘Joe who?’. And we’ll be happy to explain.