It might be GNR Week on rushonrock but we realise there are other things going on in the rock world right now and this is the place to find out all about them.

Of course you can find a comprehensive Chinese Democracy review right here later on and all week we’ll be looking at the phenomenon that is Guns N Roses – past, present and future.

But of course we like to promote the best of British on the UK’s fastest-growing rock site and Thunder hit the road this week with a visit to Newcastle City Hall on Wednesday – riding on the back of Bang! which has got to be their best album in years. We’ve got an exclusive interview with Luke Morley and you can read the first review here.

Throw in our next Now…And Then feature which looks at Great White and the usual mix of news and blogs and it’s easy to see why rushonrock is doubling its visitor numbers week on week. Thanks for all your support and keep on rocking!