Dirty Rock And Roll – Offshore 44, Newcastle, October 7 2008

A wonderful week for North East rock kicked off in some style at Newcastle’s Offshore 44 tonight as Dirty Rock And Roll reinforced their reputation as the region’s hottest up and coming guitar heroes.

A set played in front of music critics from the The Sun, The Daily Express and, of course, rushonrock, never failed to disappoint as the boys unleashed modern classic after modern classic on an appreciative mob of die hard fans and impressed newbies.

And if Dirty Rock And Roll have yet to surpass the sheer brilliance of Halo then that song alone should make you get off your butts and take in the Head Of Steam gig later this month.

Rhythm section Lee and Steve have become so tight in recent months that it wouldn’t be stretching the point to suggest they may actually have become lovers. Ok, so Lee made a mess of at least one song after sinking too many Snakebites before the gig but the tatooed (would-be) millionaire still stole the show.

Steve maintains a powerful approach which is bound to cause him serious injury one day and Adam has wisely gone for the Kevin Keegan circa 1979 look in a bid to get the older fans onside. As a combo the thrilling three-piece belong together and it can’t be too long before the majors sit up and take notice.

In the meantime A Night Of Dirty Rock And Roll looks like becoming a permanent fixture on the North East’s rock scene so enjoy this monthly ear bashing while you can.