@ The Quay, Blyth, August 14 2008

It’s not the first time DRR have graced one of Northumberland’s finer live music venues but this cocksure display was head and shoulders above their debut at The Quay.

With one of the tightest rhythm sections on the local circuit backing him to the hilt, it’s little wonder frontman Adam finally feels at home. Showing all the swagger which served him so well as a pro basketball player all those years ago, the towering vocalist has grown into the role of super cool showman.

New songs Colours and Sicko Fantasy prove there’s more to DRR than perennial crowd favourites Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and the band’s self-titled signature set opener. But it will take something very special indeed to top the emotive Halo – it’s just a shame Thursday’s Quay crowd was so thin on the ground.

Of course drummer Steve collapsed every cymbal in sight and ended up with the band’s banner wrapped around his head mid-song but these things happen at a DRR gig. It’s par for the course. As are singalong choruses, crunching riffs and enough energy to send Lucozade’s chiefs running for cover.

If there was an Olympics for bands these boys would grab gold. Grabbing a record deal would be nice.

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