Australian shed rockers The Chats have announced the details of their debut album High Risk Behaviour and released a brand new single, The Clap.

The record will be released on March 27th on Bargain Bin Records/Cooking Vinyl Australia and have marked the news with a music video for their mental new tune.

Despite having a choice of labels to release their debut on, The Chats chose to go it alone and have released it via their own – Bargain Bin. It shows their DIY spirit and keeps the shed-rock/punk spirit alive within the Queensland group.

After riding the wave of publicity that came with Smoko going viral, the shed-rockers have used it and embarked on world tours. They’ve done Europe, America their homeland and nipped across the Tasman for a New Zealand tour.

There is nothing manufactured about this band and High Risk Behaviour is built to be a shock to the system. Seven of the 14 songs are under two minutes long, and this comes from a desire to make music that comes naturally to the trio.

“I don’t want to make the songs boring, so I just keep them short and sweet,” said vocalist/bassist Eamon Sandwith. “We try not to think about it or complicate it too much. You don’t want to force it or the song’s going to turn out crap.”

The Chats have got a strong group of celebrity followers, too. Queens of the Stone Age love them, so does Dave Grohl and Alex Turner.

“I just want people to have a good time,” says Sandwith. “I want them to dance around and have a beer and enjoy it. We don’t make songs for people to look at in a fucking emotional or intellectual way. We just make songs for people to jump around and have fun to.”