Blood Command – Return of the Arsonist (Fysisk Format)

Oh my God Blood Command are back

This is a band that should be plastered across every rock magazine in the land and their four members greeted with hysteria wherever they go and definitely whenever they show up in a rock bar.

Karina Ljone replaced howling tigress Silje Tombre in 2014 and she’s quickly making this band her own. Ljone brings a special intensity to the band that’s tempered with the silky smooth side of her voice that’s so inviting.

But where Blood Command really sparkle is when they add a pop to their deathpop. Think Hand Us The Alpha Male, High Five For Life and (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds. Otherwise Ljone’s howling, snarling lyrics can fuse into one heavy Nordic melting pot and the songs get lost among themselves. 

Their flare for a catchy chorus isn’t entirely removed from Return of the Arsonist, but it only briefly threatens to break out on lead single Afraid of Water while Live Right Or Go Straight To Hell brings a sweet melody to the chaos.

This EP is definitely more death than pop, and there are rampaging hardcore elements scattered throughout the record – although Blood Command bloody love a good wahoooo and there are plenty of those for the singalong crew to get stuck in to.

Blood Command Return Of the arsonist stream news

There are a few surprises along the way and Return of the Arsonist definitely feels like a modern take on their earlier work. Don’t Strike A Match, Use The Light is less than two minutes long and most of that is just thunderous instrumental, while the 54 seconds of Ritual Knife are just ear bleeding, monstrous noise.

They say you’ve got to know where you’ve come from in order to go forward and Blood Command are certainly no strangers with their past. If that saying is true, their future should be equally as exciting.