DeeverYou Need This (Self-Released)

There’s no point denying news of Wil Taylor’s departure from Inglorious in 2016 was met with universal disappointment within Rushonrock HQ. An amiable chap and a more than able guitarist, his sudden exit appeared both confusing and counter-productive. Then again, he wasn’t the first – and surely won’t be the last – muso to depart Nathan James’ revolving door line-up as the flamboyant frontman seeks classic rock nirvana.

You Need This goes a long way to explaining the split. About as far removed from his former band’s grandiose take on the 70s classics as is humanly possible, Deever is the sound of 21stcentury hard rock in the vein of Heaven’s Basement with the bite of Avenged Sevenfold and the ambition of early Muse.

Taylor clearly lives and breathes his new band and tackles the role of main man with relish. On Jim his vocals are laid bare and if they’re far from flawless then that’s part of Deever’s instant appeal – the quartet aren’t seeking perfection. This is a bunch of mates in search of authenticity, respect and just a little recognition.

You Need This should help one of the UK’s most exciting new acts to achieve all three. It’s played at a consistently keen pace, appears built for blisteringly hot live shows and is relentless in its sense of purpose.

Opener Fire At Will sets the blazing tone while Parachute best highlights Deever’s potential with a sweeping soundscape and commercial edge that wouldn’t sound out of place warming up an expectant arena crowd. Melodic and menacing, it’s the music U2 might have made before creativity ceded to accountancy.

Taylor has spent far too long in the shadows and 2019 should be the year when he takes on the world. He needs this, you need this – in fact, we all need this.