Too cool for Drool? You shouldn’t be. The new kids on the alt rock block open up for Happy Mondays offshoot Black Grape in Newcastle this week with a heady hybrid of Arctic Monkeys mixed with Alice In Chains the mouthwatering prospect for Riverside fans.

Formed earlier this year following frontman Joey Rogers’ brave decision to place an impromptu ad for band mates, the canny quartet are already being tipped for critical acclaim in 2019.

And with debut single Fun due to drop on December 14, Christmas could well come early for music fans chasing the next big thing.

If Rogers’ frank ad is a pointer then expect a riff-fuelled mix of heavy rock and indie goodness. “I have to start a band,” said the singer-guitarist in his plea for like-minded musos. “My influences are Black Sabbath, Pixies and The Beatles. Here’s a song.”

And it worked.

Drummer Martin Söderin signed up first after chewing the fat with a mutual friend. And lead guitarist Louis Greenway was quick to follow after unearthing the demo during down time at school. Joe Bennison relocated to London following a five-minute phone call – the bassist completing Drool’s fledgling line-up.

Look out for the band’s brand new video – rumoured to be released in the next few days – and expect more live dates next year.

Drool play Newcastle Riverside on Friday November 23.