Beartooth – Disease (Red Bull Records)

Genre: Hardcore

Being Caleb Shomo can’t be easy. Beartooth is his and he is Beartooth, but with that must come an expenditure of emotional energy that would leave mere mortals drained and unable to carry on.

Disease isn’t a happy album. There are few silver linings to be found within the notes, cords and rhythms. If it were a book or a TV show it would be A Series of Unfortunate Events – but more dark. But here lies the brilliance of it: it doesn’t weigh you down. It’s a joy to listen to.

Shomo regularly digs down into the depths of his soul and exposes it to the world, and for a band that wasn’t even supposed to happen that’s a remarkable thing. It’s almost as remarkable as the talent of the man himself, who recorded vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. To top it all off, the multi-instrumentalist mixed the album himself with help from Nick Raskulinecz – who has previously worked with the Foo Fighters.

So if the content is pretty much as the same as the first two albums, has the music changed? Well, not really. But that’s fine. Disease is still a hardcore whirlwind of bruising guitar, intense choruses and pounding rhythms. In short, it’s everything you’ve come to know and love Beartooth for.

Fire brings a Marilyn Manson inspired shout at the heavens style chorus, while Bad Listener nails a Slipknot-esque growling whisper throughout the tune – and that’s where you see the most progression on Disease. 

Have Shinedown got ours on Attention Attention?

“This record isn’t about winning anything,” explained Shomo. But the beauty of it is that by creating it, the former Attack Attack! man has already won. Despite the darkness of the album, it’s something that hints at recovery. It’s fact that it even exists should be a symbol of comfort.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Bites hard