The Xcerts @Think Tank Newcastle 5th October 2017

Live music is a tricky game. Getting people through the doors is more tricky than ever. Touring bands are made to scrap for every penny they earn. And, it isn’t going to get any easier any time soon.

The Xcerts are one of the most exciting emerging acts around. Their first album was a major cult success and album number four sounds like it will be a real stormer. With that in mind, it really was a sad reality that their Newcastle show was viewed by a mere 50 people (max).

The three piece are tight, energetic and honed. Their live shows continue to get better, and their chemistry is phenomenal. On top of that, The Xcerts are three genuinely humble guys who radiate their love of performing onto the audience.

Lead singer Murray Macleod came on stage battling a severe cold, warning the crowd in advance that he was trying his best to get through the show, and despite a number of questionable facial expressions on show, he delivered a fantastic vocal performance.

Despite being under the weather, Macleod, Heron and Smith knocked an hour and a half set right out of the park with a mix of new and old tracks. Old favourites like Pop Song, Shaking In The Water and Daydream were more than enough to whet the appetite of the small enthused Newcastle crowd, with many even joining the band on stage for a dance.

As the set drew to a close, Macleod threw a cheeky wink to the crowd, exclaiming “this will be our last song, so we’ll see you again in two minutes!” After a rousing rendition of The Is Only You, the band exited the stage, with Murray coming back alone to play an intimate version of Aberdeen 1987.

This break give Jordan Smith time to have a meander through the crowd unnoticed, take a minute to appreciate his band mate and even nip out for a quick smoke on the balcony, before jumping back onstage to wrap up the show with Feels Like Falling In Love.

The Xcerts are one classy act, and they give 110% every time they step on stage. The new album is due in January, and last night’s snippets give a very good indication that it will be something special. There are more dates left on this tour, so make sure you get out and support this great trio!


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