Dig Deeper – Stars Tonight (The Alien Agency)

Genre – Alt country / folk rock 

“When we realised we were stuck in a northern outpost, where those elected to political power were working to close borders, refuse people in need basic rights and brag about having the strictest policies on immigration in Europe, we decided to make this record.”

Norway’s overtly strict immigration policies have been described as inhumane by a number of politically focused musicians recently, and Dig Deeper join a chain of artists that are standing up and speaking up against the powers that be.

Stars Tonight is an honest, storytelling three track EP with American alt-country protest song style from a European perspective – think Richmond Fontaine meets Neil Young with dry Dylan-esque vocals.

Originally, Dig Deeper set out to play trippy guitar music that centred on fun, so Stars Tonight marks a major turn in their musical ideologies. Despite turning away from the fun elements of rocking out with your friends, Dig Deeper have kept their trippy approach, pulling influence from a range of sounds, most notably the sounds of nature, which is clear from the opening track.

Vocally, Einar Kaupang bring an unusual singing voice to the table, mixing a traditional American folk rock sound with his Norwegian twang to create an infectious vocal tone that perfectly accompanies their honest subject matter.

These vocals, which sound more and more like the dusty roads of sixties America with each listen, are carried by exquisite musicianship, wandering sounds and psychedelic guitars / sitar, which make this band a truly fascinating act.

While the title track may be exquisitely good, the following tracks Broken Fingers and Swimming In Mexico are both fairly ropey, both lyrically and sonically. These tracks may not be the main focus of the EP, but they are likely to leave fans a little disappointed.

If Dig Deeper can produce a second album filled with tracks of the quality of Stars Tonight, they are going to have an incredible album on their hands. Fellow sixties revivalists Ah La Las have shown there is a market for this kind of music, and with the uncertain nature of the global political landscape, young people are more politically tuned than ever before, and now is the time for musicians to capitalise on this.

RUSHONROCK – 7/10 Enough is enough, Dig Deeper have spoken!