Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes (UNFD)

Genre – Metalcore

“The Rhapsody Tapes’ explores a fascination with a warped perception of reality,” says Ocean Grove frontman Luke Holmes. “It tells parallel stories that come in waves… and parts of the album are written from the view of a child standing on the edge, looking out into a hyperreality in search of something.”

Where do we start with this one?!

There’s something very exciting going on in heavy Australian music at the minute. It’s seems they could not give a damn about genre boundaries.

Much like Saviour, who’s album came out last month, Ocean Grove has shattered the sonic experience associated with metalcore / hardcore. The Rhapsody Tapes is an album like no other – a beautiful, skull shattering experiment gone to absolute perfection.

Right from the opening chords of What I Love About A Natural Woman, there’s no room for passengers. Either join them or go home. It’s rough, it’s raw and it’s a flurry of racing guitars awash with growling vocals that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Except it doesn’t… That would be too easy. The Rhapsody Tapes is much more than your traditional sounds. It incorporates rap metal akin to the sounds of Cypress Hill’s early work with Rage, in the mind blowing Intimate Alien, and welcomes the dirty dub bass in Slow Soap Soak.

When the Melbourne five piece said they had invented they’re own genre for this album, they weren’t lying. This album primarily consists of metalcore sounds, but the inclusion of electric sounds and soft, slowed down vocals makes for something scarily good.

If this has got your attention, just wait. That’s only the first half… These Boys Light Fires is an incessant smattering of guitars, overlaid with Tom’s screaming vocals, classic rock vocals and panicked voices that represent mass hysteria – yes, like nothing you’ve heard before.

When You’re High As The Sky You Can Say What You Like takes on the opposite approach. It’s slow, with a thick heavy lead guitars and creepy, deep whispers that create for an unholy dark number that will shake you to the core.

Ocean Grove has created a true work of art at a time when music needed something new. It’s a shake up to the status quo and one that was desperately needed.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 10/10 A genre defying, skull shattering ball of fire!