Ignite – A War Against You (Century Media)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

In 2006, Ignite released one of the best melodic hardcore albums of the noughties. Our Darkest Days was an incendiary bomb of a record, intense, intelligent and brimming with anthems. So for it to take ten years for a follow-up to appear has been frustrating… to say the least.

The Californians have been busy though, serving time in bands like Pennywise, Strife and Into Another, and they’ve come back lean, mean and ready for another round. And while A War Against You can’t quite match the dazzling standards set by its predecessor, the quintet’s fifth studio effort is still a triumphant expression of punk rock power, awash with punchy choruses and delivered with real fervour and flair.

As ever, it’s vocalist Zoli Teglas who steals the show. His lyrics, taking aim at environmental vandalism and war-mongering, or recounting the struggle of immigrants, are sung with such passion that you’re swept up in his causes and entranced by his stories. Teglas is one of hardcore’s most talented singers, period.

Alive and You Saved Me or a touch generic (though far from lacklustre), but most of the album sees Ignite doing exactly what they do best, and songs like Where I’m From, Begin Again and the title track are proof that the boys can still cut it at the top. Let’s just hope that a sixth album isn’t ten years away…