One Machine – The Final Cull (Scarlet Records) Genre: Metal

Launched by guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth – whose career has taken in the likes of Forbidden, Nevermore and Vicious Rumors – One Machine boast some impressive talent in their ranks, including Biomechanical shredder Jamie Hunt and Savage Messiah bassist Stefano Selvatico.

This sophomore effort sees the band joined by Endeavour vocalist Chris Hawkins, who with his Dickinson/Halford-powered vocal attack, isn’t going to be overshadowed by Smyth and Hunt’s astounding axework.

Powered by Sardinian drummer Michele Sanna, The Final Cull is metal with a capital ‘M’, technically flawless and boasting a state-of-the-art production.

In places, it’s a near-perfect hybrid of Megadeth-like thrash and Painkiller-era Priest, with songs like New Motive Power and Screaming for Light taking your breath away with their ferocity and blistering solos.

The problems come when One Machine drop the pace and try their hands at more melodic fare, such as Computer God, which, while well-intentioned, aren’t the anthems the band want them to be.

Still, there’s plenty to enjoy on The Final Cull – especially if you’re shelves are bulging with guitar magazines and tablature books.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 6.5/10 Well Oiled