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I’ve always loved polls, surveys and lists.

As a teenager, I’d always vote in the Sounds annual poll and when the results were published in the paper revealing just who was Best Group, Best Guitarist, Best Album,  Sexiest Female etc, etc, they were the topic of endless hours of furious debate.

These days, there’s a group of us who convene in the pub every Thursday night after six-a-side football and topics for discussion can range from football, rugby to facial hair, politics and boob jobs (one of my mates bought his daughter one for her 21st!!)

Recently, we decided to put down on paper our favourite albums of all-time and Mike, who obviously has far too much time on his hands, produced the results in data form, revealing the most popular.

They make fascinating reading as a snapshot of male opinion for our generation.

Eighteen of us took part with ages stretching from 35 to 60 with most of us in the 45-55 bracket.

These were the most popular albums:

1 Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

2 Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

3 Never Mind The Bollocks – Sex Pistols

4 After The Gold Rush – Neil Young

5 Who’s Next – The Who

6 Led Zeppelin IV

7 OK Computer – Radiohead

8 Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

9 My Aim Is True – Elvis Costello

10 Tapestry – Carole King

But the results were very different when results for the most popular artist or band was worked out.

1 David Bowie

2 Pink Floyd

3 The Beatles

4 Neil Young


6 Led Zeppelin

7 Rolling Stones

8 The Clash


10 Bob Dylan.

I’d hazard a guess that the two lists are fairly representative of white, middle aged, middle class men around the country.

Had the average age been 40 rather than 50, bands such as The Stone Roses (who came 11th in both lists incidentally), Oasis (13th best band) and The Smiths (16th) would have featured more heavily.

While Bowie and Floyd were comfortably the most popular artists in our group, only two Bowie albums (Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Slane) and three Floyd ones (Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and The Wall),  were mentioned.

Bands such as The Beatles, AC/DC, REM, The Clash and the Rolling Stones didn’t feature in the best albums top ten because fans of theirs’ couldn’t decide which to nominate.

For instance  in AC/DC’s case, Back In Black received 3 votes, Highway To Hell 3, Powerage 2 and Let There Be Rock 2.

Regarding the Beatles, Abbey Road, Sergeant Pepper, The White Album, Rubber Soul and Revolver all received two each.

In contrast, Rumours got 5 votes but there was only one other vote for a Fleetwood Mac album and that was Tusk.

Simillarly while Who’s Next got 4, Quadraphenia was the only other nomination by the same band with one.

Mike emailed the results of this poll a fortnight ago with all the individual lists sent to the 18 of us and we were still talking about them on Thursday.

You should try something similar – providing you can find someone as barking mad as Mike.

Ian Murtagh