This time next week Mrs Rock will have handed over that mint copy of Def Leppard’s original EP and handed us the keys to the luxury mobile home that will become 2012’s festival staple.

Until then we’re tapping up the biggest names in rock and metal to find out what they’re hoping to find in Santa’s sack. And today it’s the turn of Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu

“Shit it’s kinda tough when you think about it. We were just talking about it on the bus the other week.

“When I was younger I’d ask for guitar equipment but that kinda goes out of the window – I’ve got a bit of gear these days.

“If there’s something I need I tend to click on a website and get it so I’s a difficult guy to buy for.

“What I’m guaranteed to get off my parents is socks, pants and gloves – stuff that’s useful on the road.

“I haven’t asked for anything but give me a gift card and I’m happy. Then I can get what I like when I decide what I want!”