The Four Horsemen – Rockin Is Ma Business (Haggis) b/w Moonshine (Haggis/Montgomery) & 75 Again (Haggis)

1992 Limited Edition Picture Disc 2122

For a brief period the brilliant blues-soaked hard rock of The Four Horsemen looked set to conquer the world.

This cracking tune was a minor hit and with the major label backing of Rick Rubin’s Def Jam it seemed there was no stopping founder member Haggis, singer Frank C Starr and their buddies.

But the delayed release of their second album Nobody Said It Was Easy – featuring this beast of a track – caused internal strife and external problems. And by the time The Four Horsemen had really hit their stride a combination of grunge and a double tragedy stopped them in their tracks.

In 1994 Ken ‘Dimwit’ Montgomery, who boasts a songwriting credit with Haggis on Moonshine, died of a drug overdose. And Just over a year later Starr was struck by a drunk driver and after drifting into a coma eventually died in 1999.

Five years ago Haggis and fellow founder member Dave Lizmi pulled together the bulk of the band’s back catalogue from their own archives and released a two-disc DVD/CD retrospective Left For Dead. Haggis is now a medical student in New York.