Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Dall/DeVille/Michaels/Rockett) b/w Gotta Face The Hangmen (Dall/DeVille/Michaels/Rockett) & Back To The Rocking Horse (Dall/DeVille/Michaels/Rockett)


With Brett Michaels battling back from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage we felt it was time to pass on our best and celebrate one of the Poison frontman’s finest contributions to the hair metal era.

This lighter-waving classic was a huge hit the world over – bagging the number one spot in the band’s native US and comfortably pitching up inside the Top 20 over here. A memorable acoustic riff coupled with Michaels’ magical vocals make for a truly memorable ballad tailor-made for the MTV generation.

Latest reports suggest Michaels’ willpower saved him from the worst case scenario – the singer remaining conscious despite the agonising effects of the hemorrhage. And it looks like he could be back on stage before the end of the month – rock on and get well soon!