The hair metal revival is in full swing and that’s partly thanks to four true warriors of the genre – none other than LA party boys Steel Panther.

Back in the UK for three hotly anticipated dates we caught up with pin-up Lexxi Foxxx to hear all about life inside the Panther camp.

Sit back and brace yourself for the second part of one of the craziest interviews you’ll read all year. rushonrock: Many of your songs and lyrics are frowned upon by politically correct critics

Lexxi Foxxx: You know I don’t even know what political corr – what that is. I can’t even say it so how can I understand it? What we’re doing isn’t about polictics. I don’t follow all that politics stuff. I just know that my mom gives me money and sometimes the band do too. I don’t like to over complicate things. As long as the president of the United State of America lets me go with bitches and play music then that’s all I worry about. As long as my life revolves around strippers and drugs then life is good.

rushonrock: Your’e kicking off your latest UK tour in Newcastle – have you heard about the reputation of Geordie women?

LF: I can’t wait to come to Newcastle. I’ve heard about the bitches over there – how they don’t wear any clothes even in the middle of winter. Well as it’s spring I’m looking forward to seeing where they go from there. I won’t be wearing much either and I’ve been doing a few sit-ups ready for that.

rushonrock: It sounds like you’re throwing down the gauntlet there…

LF: Yeah, you know what – I challenge the bitches of Newcastle to wear less than me. Bring it on. Last time we were in the UK we had such a great experience but we didn’t have a lot of time. This tour is only short but it should be sweet and I’m expecting some serious action.

rushonrock: What can we expect this time around?

LF: The show will be great. There’ll be a couple of new songs but I don’t want to say too much about that. We’re going to switch the set around a bit but it’s 90 minutes so there’s the full Panther. We have a few surprises and Satchel has a brand new solo lined up.

rushonrock: Is the new album on its way?

LF: Right now we have got some new songs written but we’ve been so busy touring that it’s taken a while to get down to making that new record. We haven’t got as far as the studio yet but we will, one day.

rushonrock: There are rumours that the follow-up to Feel The Steel will show a more mature side to Steel Panther. Surely that can’t be true?

LF: Maturity is for pussies. If our music doesn’t get on the radio then it doesn’t get on the radio. We write about what’s real. Vaginas are bitching to look at and poopy is fun. All the other bands we talk to are really pissed that they get bummed out by record companies who won’t let them write about that kind of stuff. We’re lucky that our record label looks at life the way we do and the way most people do.