SHY frontman Tony Mills has revealed the band’s new album is taking shape after completing work on the first two tracks.

The TNT singer is currently promoting one of the best albums of his career in the shape of hard rock classic A Point Of Destiny – by new supergroup State Of Rock.

And Mills (pictured here with Don Dokken) has just been sent a new batch of TNT tracks to work on in between projects at home and abroad.

But SHY remain close to the Brummie’s heart and he admitted: “Getting this album finished is on the list and it will get done. These are the best songs Steve Harris (guitars) has ever written. “I have finished the vocals for the first two and I’m halfway through the third. It’s a slow process because I have to fit it in with everything else.

“And Steve has been very ill lately so right now he’s in no position to play gigs in support of the new record when it does get released.

“It’s a speculative album right now because we haven’t got a record deal. But once it’s completed that won’t be a problem – it’s a masterpiece and the best body of work Steve has ever written. It will get snapped up.”

State Of Rock’s new record – featuring three quarters of German melodic masters Frontline) is out now on Metal Heaven and look out for a full interview with Mills here soon.