He might have been the subject of some pretty cruel criticism on MTV’s Beavis and Butthead but Kip Winger has always been the definitive hair metal hero.

And after delivering some of the best records in the business 20 years ago the multi-talented muso is riding high on the back of 2009 release Karma.

Read on to find out the hair metal history behind that man Kip. And look out for a new hair metal hero every day as we celebrate Hair Metal Week on rushonrock.

Hair Metal Gold: Probably Pyromania is my pick. Mutt Lange was the guy who everyone was following back then and he made some brilliant records. All of his records were so tightly produced. I’d be looking at Pyromania or Hysteria or maybe Slippery When Wet.

My Classsic Cuts: I don’t really know how to answer that without causing some kind of controversy! But I’ve always loved Blind Revolution Madness.

The Big Gig: I’ve just seen Paul Anka down in Florida. He wrote My Way. It was brilliant.

Winger Live And Dangerous: We had a show in Paris in 1992 and it was the most magical show we ever did. There were around 15,000 fans there and that concert lives long in the memory.