Continuing this week’s look at ladies who rock, the rushonrock Rider returns to throw the spotlight on US femme fatale Alexx Calise.

With a new album due this year the fast-emerging singer songwriter would appear to have what it takes in the race to reach rock stardom.

Alexx is keen to tour the UK in 2010 and we’re keen to see her here.

With a superb array of songs and an image to die for it’s quite clear she deserves to taste some serious success during the next 12 months.

Look out for more on Ms Calisse later this month and expect regular updates on her progress throughout the year.

In the meantime check out what makes her tick.

On your iPod: A lot of my own music. Even if the songs aren’t completely mixed or finished, I still throw them on my iPod and blast them in the car. I do this partially to check levels and come up with additional parts, but really, I’m just vain, and I enjoy listening to my own material, haha! Seriously though, I listen to a lot of Silverchair, Buckcherry, STP, Archive and The Toadies.

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t watch the TV too much, but I do get a kick out of Family Guy and South Park. I usually can’t tell you what I just watched after an episode, but I can tell you I was entertained for those few minutes.

Making a meal of it: Anything with cheese in it. Mmm…cheese.

Drivetime: Call me a square, but I love my Hyundai Elantra. It’s a very sensible sedan and has a 10-year, 100,000 mile extended warranty. Can’t beat that! Oh wait, did I just lose some cool points for that answer?

Ace Place: California. And, the best part is, I’m still here, which is awesome! California is extremely eclectic, and has something for everyone. Go a little far north and you’ve got perfect snowboarding weather. Go a little far south, and surf’s up, baby.

Dream destination: I would love, love, love to go to the UK. I am actually in talks about doing some touring out there in the upcoming months, so hopefully that will all come into fruition. I love the music, the fashion, the people, everything!

Nickname shame: Actually, a lot of people just called me Calise or AC. I guess I can’t complain about those nicknames. Could have been MUCH worse.