There hasn’t been a tidal wave of top class rock and metal from start to finish in 2009 and we’ve come across some pretty dire stuff during the past 12 months.

Today we feature the albums which not only failed to float our boat – but almost drowned us in a sea of depression.

It’s very rare that rushonrock rates new albums below five but the following all managed to achieve the feat.

Even if you do see the following records reduced in the January sales our advice is this: avoid at all costs… RUSHONROCK’S 2009 FLOPS:

1. Static-X – Cult Of Static

Although this record enjoyed incredible commercial success we just can’t understand why. A wall of noise for noise’s sake and some pretty unoriginal riffage meant it was never going to be a hit within the rushonrock offices. And it still isn’t now.

We said: “Wayne Static is a walking cliche and his songs are no better. The production smacks of too many cooks spoling a pretty unappetising broth and if it wasn’t for the stunning album artwork this mediocre offering would barely warrant a passing glance. But that’s more than it deserves. Surely one of the worst records you’ll  hear all year – if you’re lucky.”

2. Bullets & Octane – Laughing In The Face Of Failure

3. Fab Box – Music From The Fab Box

4. XXX – Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood

5. Sorry & The Sinatras – Highball Roller