bsc-newHe’s the incredibly talented and charismatic frontman with one of the best new bands on the planet and Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson is ready to reveal all to the rushonrock masses!

After completing a sold-out UK tour the Kentucky, Edmonton-based singer has been spending some downtime at home before embarking on a German jaunt with Motorhead.

And we believe he’s even found time to cut his toenails. Read on to find out why…

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to a lot of Zeppelin lately and then my little brother’s band. I know it’s a shameless plug – I just recorded and produced some tracks for them back home at a studio we did our first album in. I’ve been listening to the mixes to make sure I did a good job. They’re called WillowShade and some of the tracks are on MySpace now.

Small Screen Pleasure: I watch football. I’m addicted. Pitsburgh are my team.

Making a meal of it: My favourite meal must be the chilli my fiancé cooked when we were last home. Oh my god it was good. When she told me were having a Halloween party when I got back from touring the first thing I said was could she cook some chilli. Other than that it’s Mexican food.

Drivetime: I don’t have a licence. We’re on the road so much I don’t need to drive and my house is 300 yards from everything I need and everywhere I need to go.

Ace place: On stage. The reason I say that is because wherever we are in the world, for those two hours, nothing lese matters. It’s the only place in the world I want to be. It’s the greatest place in the world you’ve ever been to.

Dream destination: I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand ever since I saw Lord Of The Rings. It looks like some of the most beautiful countryside.

Nickname shame: I’m called hooves and it’s to do with not cutting my toe nails. Enough said.