Wildhearts GingerBack in his native North East at the back end of the month and back in the groove with new album Chutzpah! it seems there’s no stopping the Ginger one right now.

As the driving force behind Brit rock heroes The Wildhearts and one of the busiest blokes in the music business we’re surprised he finds time to wind down at all. But as the latest in our series of sneak peaks behind the scenes proves, even Ginger enjoys his downtime.

On your iPod: I’m listening to music all the time. I’ve just downloaded the new Kiss album and I’m into a Jayhawks compilation right now. I’ve always got my iPod on shuffle and love nothing more than a good tune.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t watch TV. Well, not real TV anyway. I do watch a lot of kids’  TV with my 14-month-old – stuff like LazyTown on CBeebies. I have just bought the box set of Skins though.

Making a meal of it: I love Japanese food but I’m probably the easiest person in the world to feed. There’s not really anything I won’t eat although I’m not too keen on coriander. Mind you I’ve even eaten that with certain dishes.

Drivetime: I’m using a hire car right now. I don’t really drive at the moment. I’m based in New York so much these days that there’s no point in owning a car. I wouldn’t want to drive there and love walking or using public transport.

Ace place: New York. I’ve found my spiritual home there. as far as places I’ve been with the band it’s got to be Tokyo. It’s just fantastic there every time – as soon as you step off the plane the place puts you in a good mood.

Dream destination: I’d love to tour South America. But The Wildhearts is a hard band to break in new places so we’ll wait and see. I’m positive it will happen one day.

Nickname shame: Ginger, funnily enough. Although it wasn’t that funny at school.