Broadway CallsAbout to explode onto a stereo near you sometime soon, Oregon punks Broadway Calls are gearing up for a big finish to a big summer.

Singer Ty Vaughn and his buddies Matt Koenig and Josh Baird have penned one of the most eagerly anticipated records of the year in the shape of Good Views, Bad News and the band’s second album is out next week.

Lead single Be All That You Can’t Be is out today and we’ve got the video clip for a cracking tune right here. There’s no avoiding the Green Day influences – hardly surprising since Broadway Calls were originally picked up by Billie Joe Armstrong. But this is a trio just as likely to lean on the back catalogues of the Ramones and the Buzzcocks when looking for some fresh pop punk inspiration.

Already inked in to play the NME/Radio One stage at Leeds and Reading this year there’s a real buzz about one of the edgiest bands to come out of the US for some time. We’ll be reviewing the albumĀ on Sunday but in the meantime check out the clip for a fantastic single: