acdc-picA week from now the rushonrock team will be picking its spot at Hampden Park ready for the return of AC/DC to UK shores and what promises to be a full-on riff fest from Angus and his buddies.

All week we’re looking at the biggest rock band on the planet as they fast approach their 40th anniversary and, perhaps, the end of the road as a touring entity. With latest record Black Ice still shifting copies by the bucketload these boys – sorry old blokes – have proved they still have what it takes to make music that matters. And they still don’t sell their work on iTunes. Remarkable.

A is for Angus, the school uniformed tinker with a guitar for a weapon.

B is for Black Ice, the band’s first record for eight years and an absolute belter!

C is for Cliff. Mr Williams picked up the band’s bass guitar in 1977 and never looked back.

D is for Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, the band’s third record released in 1976.

E is for the Evans brothers, Mark and Dave, who were founder members of the flegling AC/DC. 

F is for Fly On The Wall, possibly the poorest of all the albums this mighty band has made.

G is for George, the Young brother who has been the prime mover for the band behind the scenes.

H is for Heatseeker, one of rushonrock‘s all-time favourite AC/DC anthems.

I is for international sales. Since 1991 only the Baetles have sold more records than the Aussie legends.

J is for Johnno. Brian Johnson, the Geordie legend who has fronted one of rock’s true powerhouses since 1980.

K is for King’s College Hospital in London, where legendary singer Bon Scott died on February 19, 1980.

L is for Mutt Lange, the uber producer responsible for the sound of the band’s breakthrough 1979 record Highway To Hell.

M is for Malcolm Young, the brother of Angus and George and a real musician’s musician.

N is for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, a rock movement inspired by AC/DC’s late 70s attitude and sound.

O is for overdose. Conspiracy theorists claim Bon Scott died from a heroin overdose rather than excessive alcohol consumption.

P is for Phil Rudd, the band’s long-serving drummer and the man who puts the thunder into Thunderstruck.

Q is for queues. You see them snakeing around every venue AC/DC ever play and they’re full of fans with huge smiles on their faces.

R is for The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame – the band were inducted in 2003.

S is for Bon Scott, a man before his time and a sad loss to the world of rock.

T is for Thunderstruck, the anthem of choice at football grounds around the world and a typical slice of AC/DC bombast.

U is for Up To My Neck In You, a Bon Scott penned forgotten classic from the Powerage album.

V is for VH1 which ranked AC/DC fourth on the list of their 100 Greatest Artists Of Hard Rock.

W is for Whole Lotta Rosie from Let There Be Rock. Wow.

X is for Xbox 360’s brilliant AC/DC Live: Rockband. Be Brian, be Angus, be warned…

Y is for You Shook Me All Night Long from Back In Black. There may not be a better AC/DC song.

Z is for Zurich where the band cancelled this year’s March gig at the last minute due to unexplained technical problems.