ricky-warwickHe’s one of the hardest working men in rock and this month Ricky Warwick is back in the UK to belt out his solo favourites and a batch of hot Almighty hits.

To celebrate the return of one of our favourite singer songwriters we caught up with the Belfast-born troubador and even pressed him on the possible return of one of our fave bands of the late 1980s. What was his answer? Read on… rushonrock: You embark on a full UK tour later this month but is that our lot as far as your live shows go this year?

Ricky Warwick: No. I’m doing these shows first but I plan to do a couple of runs. I’m looking at a return to this country in August and do another full set of dates then. The shows are obviously supporting Belfast Confetti but there’ll be stuff from all my solo records and a few Almighty numbers. warwick-belfast

rushonrock: So you’re still happy playing the songs that made your name 20 years ago?

RW: People want to hear them and I want to play them so why not? It’s part of the show and always will be. I’m going to make the most of these dates. Then I’m out on the road in the States in July so I don’t suppose I’ll get an opportunity to play many festivals this summer. There’s nothing pencilled in as yet.

rushonrock: You’re also playing with the Almighty at a charity gig next week. Tell us more.

RW: Yeah it’s called Tommystock and it’s in aid of the family of our former manager. We’re playing with New Model Army who were also managed by him at it’s at the Cheese & Grain in Frome. We’re looking forward to it in many ways but of course it will be emotional.

rushonrock: So apart from the odd one-off gig is The Almighty more or less done and dusted?

RW: You can never say never. You never know what’s around the corner but I’ve got a new record which I’ll be promoting for the next year or so and everyone else in the band is busy doing their own thing.

almightyrushonrock: What would it take to reform for a full comeback?

RW: I think I’d need to write a couple of new songs before we could move The Almighty forward – it’s such a passionate band that a couple of gigs here and there playing our back catalogue doesn’t really do it justice. If we are going to do it again we’d have to do it properly and that’s a big commitment for everyone. And right now that’s just not where my heart is – it’s in my solo stuff.

rushonrock: Without bands like The Almighty what’s your verdict on the British rock scene right now?

RW: I wish I had enough time to listen to bands and deliver a verdict! I just don’t get the chance to listen to a lot of what’s out there. When I go home I have four kids and I see them, shut the door and that’s that. I tour for so much of the year that when I get back home to LA it’s not as if I want to go and prop up the bar at The Rainbow and watch bands – British or American. From what I gather there’s a pretty healthy scene in the UK but not a scene I’m aware of. I must be getting old.